Transvulcania Terrex 2024 – Ultramarathon La Palma


The Swedish Ida Nilsson finally returns to Transvulcania

The runner who has won the Ultramarathon the most times finally returns after three editions of absence

The fourteenth edition of Transvulcania begins to reveal the large cast of elite runners who will return to the island to take the starting line of the modalities of the legendary race. On this occasion the Organization announces the return to the La Palma trails of the well-known Swedish runner Ida Nilsson, who has won the event in all the editions of the race in which she has participated, demonstrating a firmness and knowledge of the route without rival to date .

With this impetus, the Swede was proclaimed winner in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of the Transvulcania Ultramarathon, also having victory in other renowned events such as the Basque marathon of Zegama Aizkorri, Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica or Canyons Endurance Runs 100KM in the United States. With such an international resume and experience in Transvulcania, Nilsson is one of the candidates to take into account to try to win, for what would be her fourth time, this edition of Transvulcania that will have its big day on May 11.

The president of the Island Council, Sergio Rodríguez, emphasizes that the Institution’s commitment to recover the Transvulcania “also implies making the best elite runners want to return to the island to give the show missed by the Transvulcania lovers in the latest editions.”

The Organization encourages trail lovers to register for any of its competitive modalities, which are already on their way to completing the full list in the very short term in most of their modalities since the Ultramarathon, the Marathon and the Half Marathon are already around 80% and about to be completed and the Vertical Kilometer, the shortest modality, at 30%.