Transvulcania Terrex 2024 – Ultramarathon La Palma


Sustainability policy

TRANSVULCANIA, aware of its own activity and impact on the environment, assumes responsibility and magnitude of the impacts, adapting to each of them to enhance or maintain them in the case of the positive ones and reduce, mitigate or eliminate the negative ones in any of their aspects. systems (natural, social and economic) with the purpose of becoming a SUSTAINABLE EVENT.

TRANSVULCANIA, through this Sustainability Policy, reaffirms its permanent commitment and responsibility with the sustainable management of its activities, the requirements of the different interest groups and compliance with its principles and values ​​with the firm purpose of aligning with the SDGs (Goals of Sustainable Development) and agreement of the action with the Region Challenge of the Canary Islands Agenda for Sustainable Development: Challenge 5 and the action with the Accelerating Policies of the Canary Islands Sustainable Development Strategy: Accelerator Policy 5.

Likewise, TRANSVULCANIA as a whole is in accordance with the SDGs: 3, 8, 11, 12,17.


  1. Be governed by a Sustainable Event Management System according to the “ISO 20121 Standard” to work systematically, adopting good practices and improvements for the Common Good of the island.
  2. Compliance with and anticipation of legislation and other applicable requirements, taking special interest in the own waste management plan with the reduction or elimination of plastic and the minimization of the carbon footprint to contribute on a small scale to the fight against climate change and all environmental legislation. (SDG 6:6.3 / 6.6, SDG 12:12.2 / 12.5, SDG 13:13.2, SDG 14:14.1, SDG 15: 15.1 / 15.4)
  3. Create a framework of inclusivity, equity, and equality at all levels. All interested parties are involved on equal terms. Transvulcania wants to continue being an example of social inclusivity and gender equality. (SDG 3:3.5, SDG 5:5.1 / 5.c, SDG 10:10.2)
  4. Ethics and positive values. In addition to what is established in the Regulations for the runner itself, ethics and responsibility of positive values, healthy lifestyle habits, without narcotics, will be promoted, with compliance with the rules established for the sake of the ethical practice of sport and avoiding deterioration of the natural environment through which the test takes place. (SDG 3:3.5, SDG 15:15.1 / 15.4, SDG 16:16.7 / 16.10)
  5. Coherence and Integrity. Integrity and diversity will be guaranteed and encouraged by promoting respect between the people and groups involved. Contracts will be governed by legal procedures with rigor and equity, valuing the benefit of the local economy and the least negative impact on the environment. In an honest and transparent manner. (SDG 16:16.7 / 16.10, SDG 8:8.3, SDG 12:12.7)
  6. Promote the cultural and environmental heritage and the local economy that favors sustainable tourism on the island with a positive impact on the palm society. Take advantage of the media impact of Transvulcania at an international level to promote the natural values of the island, its idiosyncrasy and uniqueness for sustainable sport. (SDG 8:8.3, SDG 11:11.4 / 11.a, SDG 12:12.2 / 12.7 / 12.b)
  7. Strengthen and extend shared responsibility between all parties. Use sustainability criteria and clauses in the selection and contracting of suppliers and subcontractors. (SDG 6:6.3 / 6.6, SDG 8:8.3 / 8.9, SDG 12:12.2 / 12.5 / 12.7, SDG 13:13.2, SDG 14:14.1, SDG 15:15.1 / 15.4, SDG 16:16.7 / 16.10)
  8. Transparency and two-way communication. Guarantee transparent, accessible, relevant, truthful, and verifiable information in everything related to its management, both for its dissemination and for the receipt of demands from interest groups. (SDG 16:16.6 / 16.10)
  9. Awareness. Sensitize, involve, and train by promoting solidarity and commitment to Sustainability for the fulfillment of TRANSVULCANIA’s objectives within and outside the Organization itself. (SDG 4:4.7, SDG 11:11.4, SDG 12:12.2 / 12.8 / 12.b, SDG 13:13.3)
  10. Give prominence and notoriety to the local population, a hallmark of TRANSVULCANIA, inviting them to get actively involved as volunteers and members of the public, facilitating their participation in the best possible conditions. (SDG 10:10.2, SDG 17:17.14 / 17.17)
  11. Encourage and promote new generations of athletes in a healthy and ethically responsible environment. (SDG 3:3.5)
  12. Promote solid alliances between public and private entities, groups, and other interest groups in order to achieve collaborative Sustainable Development and continue to be an example of good Governance in La Palma. (SDG 17:17.14 / 17.17)
  13. Apply all necessary security measures with sufficient resources to prevent risks and have the capacity to act appropriately in the event of any dangerous, urgent or emergency situation that endangers the health of its participants, the general population, and the natural environment. (SDG 3:3.8, SDG 13:13.1)
  14. Provision of resources, leadership, and innovation. Have the necessary resources and new alternatives to eliminate negative impacts, favoring environmental, social, and economic benefits in a lasting manner in all future editions of TRANSVULCANIA.
  15. Review by the Organization’s Management, prevention and continuous improvement.

Signed on behalf of the entire TRANSVULCANIA Organization.

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