Transvulcania Terrex 2024 – Ultramarathon La Palma


The Transvulcania adidas TERREX will be supplemented by 226ERS

 The race will include the products of the brand from Alicante in the runner’s bag. 226ERS will be present at the Fair and at the race’s refreshment posts

Top level signing for the Transvulcania adidas TERREX. The race has incorporated in this edition the nutritional products of the brand 226ERS, the most prestigious specialised brand in this segment of the sports market, will provide the necessary support for the race on the Isla Bonita in this exciting edition of 2024.

The Transvulcania adidas TERREX has decided to reinforce this edition with the best of the best, hence its sponsorship agreement with 226ERS, a brand that has products of a differential quality and with enough variety to cover the energy needs of the participants in the race.

226ERS will provide the Transvulcania adidas TERREX with the healthiest products on the supplementation market, as they do not contain gluten, GMO’s or unnecessary added ingredients. Always within the company’s idea of trying to nourish runners with products that do not interfere with digestion or the assimilation of the nutrients that each person needs to face an event of the characteristics of the Transvulcania in any of its distances.

The prestigious nutritional brand will also be present in the runner’s bag, in the Runner’s Fair and in the refreshment posts for each distance of the race.

The CEO of Sodepal, Miriam Perestelo, points out that it is important for the race in La Palma to continue adding the support of top international brands, which not only provide the Transvulcania with the guarantee of their products, but also with their prestige and support.