Transvulcania Terrex 2024 – Ultramarathon La Palma


Azara García, going for her first Transvulcania ultramarathon

The winner of Transgrancanaria, Zegama and Ultra Pirineu now sets her sights on Transvulcania.

With just over three months to go until the celebration of the new edition of Transvulcania, the organization continues to work on the list of elite runners who will try to be crowned in some of its distances in its fourteenth edition. It is time to confirm the presence of the Cantabrian Azara García de los Salmones, one of the strongest runners on the international scene who will participate for the first time in its longest distance.

World Champion, European Champion, Spanish Champion, the Cantabrian has conquered everything that can be conquered so far. Winner of races such as Zegama, Transgrancanaria or Mozart 100, she has already participated on some occasions in shorter distances of Transvulcania, reaching the podium in 2014 and 2015 where she was second and first, respectively, in the Half Marathon, or in the Vertical Kilometer where she was third in 2014 and second in 2015.

The brilliant Cantabrian athlete intends to make her debut in the longest distance of Transvulcania. Undoubtedly one of the runners to take into account for an edition that is expected to be full of stars. The president of the Cabildo, Sergio Rodríguez, celebrates “that one of the best ultras runners in the world will participate for the first time in our longest distance”. Sergio Rodríguez also emphasized that “step by step Transvulcania is getting back the shine it had lost”.

From the Organization trail lovers are encouraged to register in any of its competitive modalities, which is gradually on the way to hang the full sign in most of its modalities, since the Ultramarathon, the Marathon and the Half Marathon are already around 85% and about to be completed, and the Vertical Kilometer, the shortest modality, is at 34%.