Transvulcania Terrex 2024 – Ultramarathon La Palma


The Transvulcania adidas Terrex 2024, an edition of records

The race returns to its successful origins with an edition where five absolute records were beaten in its races.

The Transvulcania adidas Terrex is back in full force. The race celebrated its fourteenth edition with the best of news, its recovery as an attractive race with local, national and international roots. A competition as legendary as this one had lost its essence and its soul in previous years, with its people watching the race tiptoe through the calendar of both elite and popular runners.

This year’s organisational and institutional effort has been worth it. The last edition of the Transvulcania adidas Terrex has become, on its own merits, the best in the history of sport. Up to five records were broken in the six races and modalities that took place.

Furthermore, the president of the Cabildo de La Palma, Sergio Rodríguez, points out that the people of La Palma have regained a sense of belonging, and on all the routes of the Transvulcania adidas Terrex you could feel that atmosphere, that emotion and, above all, the presence of fans cheering on the runners.

From the start at the Faro de Fuencaliente lighthouse, filling the streets of Los Canarios in that mythical scene that the runners missed so much, the race fans once again showed their interest and passion for the race. Thus, at the Refugio de El Pilar there were hundreds of fans waiting for the Ultra Marathon runners, the arrival of the Half Marathon runners and the start of the Marathon, in Puerto de Tazacorte there was a dynamic atmosphere as in the past with the fans who wanted to see the arrival of the Marathon and the passing of the leaders of the Ultra. And in Los Llanos de Aridane there was magic.

The finish line of the Ultra Marathon revived that unique image with the arrival of the Ultra runners, with the first classified runners, but also with the others who were arriving behind until the finish line closed at 10 pm.

The recovery of the traditional routes, which were so popular with runners and the public, also had a lot to do with the success of this Transvulcania adidas Terrex 2024, which reached the five continents through a powerful streaming broadcast that featured camera runners, bikers and an unprecedented technical deployment. Five continents were also actively represented among the bulk of the participants, who came from 50 countries and with a spectacular presence of athletes from the Canary Islands and local athletes who have returned to help recover the race.

If the Transvulcania adidas Terrex was an absolute success in organisational, logistical and institutional terms, the Transvulcania adidas Terrex was no less so in sporting terms. Five absolute records were set in the six races on Saturday and, except for the Vertical Climb, all the distances saw their historical records improved.

New Zealander Ruth Croft did it in the Ultra Marathon (8h.02:49) and so did Fran Anguita (3h.44:25) and Gemma Arenas (4h.35:31) in the Marathon. But Daniel Osanz (2h.12:35) and Onditz Iturbe (2h.38:56) improved the best records in the Half Marathon. A fact that had never happened before in the race and that confirms this fourteenth edition as one of the best in its history.

The general feeling at the end of the race was one of happiness in every sense of the word, and with this boost of reactivation, the organisation has already started planning the Transvulcania adidas Terrex 2025, the year in which the race celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, which will be very special.