Followers/Companions Vertical Kilometer

The followers of runners of  TRANSVULCANIA SALOMON NatureTrails 2014, should take into account the different schedules of the different locations and the point where we believe that following the progress of participants of our contest can be done in the best way possible. These times and points of interest are:



Start of both adult events at Tazacorte Porth Beach.  

17.00 pm.

  By the LP-2 from Los Llanos to Tazacorte, towards the coast.
El Time Viewpoint(Tijarafe).   17.15  pm.   This point, located on the main LP-1 road, can be reached from Tijarafe, Tazacorte or Los Llanos de Aridane.
El Time turret. Finishing post of the Vertical Kilometre.   17.45 pm   At this point of the race can only be accessed on foot.


We remind all the companions of the race that due to the characteristics of the contest, traffic access in private vehicles at various points of the course will be restricted: the starting point at  Tazacorte Porth Beach and El Time viewpoint. On all these points will have properly marked parking areas that must be respected by all the race followers.

We must consider the safety and enjoyment of the real protagonists of the contest, the runners, as the ultimate goal we are pursuing from the Organization of SALOMON Transvulcania NatureTrails. So we strongly urge you to respect and obey both road safety regulations and the people working for the Organization arranged along the entire route of the race.