Transvulcania Senderista


The least physically demanding event of SALOMON Transvulcania NatureTrails coincides with the celebration of the Sixth Annual Transvulcania Senderista, an activity which has taken place on the island since 2008 in order to enhance the knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of the island's natural heritage among the local population, through its footpaths.

The first was held in August 2008, touring one of the most emblematic and beautiful routes on the island of La Palma, the Volcano Route. With the participation of more than 200 walkers who braved the intense heat prevailing that day, with temperatures above 35 ºC during the 21.5 kilometres that make up the path from Refugio El Pilar to Los Canarios, in the municipality of Fuencaliente and where walkers enjoyed an overwhelming landscape of lava, volcanic ash, craters and volcanoes that make us understand a little better the historic volcanic activity of the island of La Palma.

The second meeting was celebrated on July 25, 2009, covering 15.4 kilometres of the GR 130, the coastal route, starting in the village of Tijarafe and ending at the Plaza de España in Los Llanos, with participation of over 300 walkers. It is a path that distils much of the Palmeran cultural landscapes where we can observe the magnificent landscape Aridane Valley, which is some of the most striking scenery of the route.

The third meeting was held on June 5, 2010, with an attendance of over 320 walkers, even more than at previous meetings of Island Trekking, through the completion of another section of the long distance footpath GR 130, along the route between the municipalities of Fuencaliente and Los Llanos. The highlight of this route is the protected landscape at Tamanca with its lava fields, contrasting with a small pocket of thermophile (heat-loving) forest dominated by palm trees, or the environment that created the pine woods of Fuencaliente, which can never leave the traveller indifferent.

The fourth was held on May 7, 2011, starting from the Plaza de España in Los Llanos, along the trail PRLP 1, going from Triana to the Port of Tazacorte, to follow the GR 131 to the junction with the GR 130 and continue on this path to the Plaza de España in Los Llanos. This circular path passes through the towns of Tazacorte, Tijarafe and Los Llanos with the cliff of El Time giving a beautiful view over the port of Tazacorte which dazzled over 350 registered walkers.

The most recent meeting, held on May 12, 2012, began at the El Pilar Recreation Area (municipality of El Paso), the feeding station of the Ultramarathon and finishing post of the half-marathon, which is at an altitude of 1,450 m, and which for the past two years has been the site of the Transvulcania KIDS race. From here, the route ran along the PR LP 14, which continues all the way down towards the sea and crossing places with notable landscape and geology, like the Llanos del Jable or Montaña Quemada. Once at the top of the municipality of El Paso, near Las Moraditas, the trail ends at the village of El Paso (740 m) where it intersects with the PR LP 1. Here we left the PR to continue descending towards Los Llanos by the Barranco de Torres (a place of great ethnographic interest, due to the large number of archaeological sites in the area) joining the lower reaches of the Tenisca ravine, to reach the top of the municipality of Los Llanos, the area known as The Retamar. The path then descended to the Plaza de España in Los Llanos (350 m) where the tour ended this year's meeting of Insular Hiking, at the finishing post of the Ultramarathon (83 K) and where success was reflected this new edition with a participation of over 450 walkers. In total, we covered more than 16 kilometres along a trail often used by our ancestors, and which connected Los Llanos and El Paso, with the central ridge..

In this new edition of 2013 we hope to achieve even higher levels of participation than in previous years through the completion of another section of a long distance trail that coincides with the final section of the ultramarathon, finishing at the same point where the most significant sports and holidays events of Transvulcania SALOMONNatureTrails are concentrated, the Plaza de España in Los Llanos.


Participants at the Transvulcania Senderista 2013 will leave the  Refugio del Pilar picnic site at 8.00 a.m. to Los Llanos de Aridane, finish line of the Ultramarathon. First, they will go along the short-distance hiking path PR LP14 up to the junction with the local SL EP 104 hiking path. On the upper part of Llano del Jable and near the montaña del Gallo, they will go down the local SL EP 105 hiking path up to San Nicolás. At the square located in Las Manchas, an aid station will provide them with water. Afterwards, they will follow the long-distance GR 130 hiking path to reach their final destination

Distance: 16 km

Difficulty level: Medium-Easy

Duration: 4-5 hours