Race Course


The Isla de La Palma Half-Marathon mountain race is less demanding than the Ultramarathon, as it covers the first 26.8km of the latter.

Starting in El Faro of Fuencaliente, and finishing in the El Refugio del Pilar picnic and camping site (El Paso), the Half-Marathon runs through the popular Ruta de los Volcanes (Volcanoe route) However, it is more demanding than it usually is as it is done from the opposite direction, and considerable slopes have to be negotiated over difficult volcanic terrain.

icono distancia Distance of the race: 26,8 km. Starting point: Faro de Fuencaliente (lighthouse on the coast of Fuencaliente) – Finishing point: Refugio de El Pilar (picnic and camping site in El Paso).

Height above sea level (starting point): 10 metres.
Hight above sea level (finishing point): 1.456 metres.
Maximum height above sea level: 1.931 metros.
Minimum height above sea level: 10 metros.

Accumulated slopes: 2.910 metros.
Accumulated slopes (ascending): 2.180 metros.
Accumulated slopes (descending): 730 metros.

icono distancia tramos Stages (distance):

From the Fuencaliente lighthouse to Los Canarios: 7.4 km.

From Los Canarios to Las Deseadas: 10.8 km

From Las Deseadas to the El Pilar picnic site: 8.6 km.

icono avituallamiento Races oficial feed zones and aid stations:

Los Canarios Liquid 7.4 709 Latitude: 28°29'38.63"N
Longitude: 17°50'43.31"O
Las Deseadas Liquid 18 1931 Latitude: 28°33'45.57"N
Longitude: 17°50'12.38"O
Área Recreativa El Pilar Líquid
26.8 1456 Latitude: 28°36'50.51"N
Longitude: 17°50'11.40"O